Consumer Litigation

If the access to justice has increased in a large way, we might say that it has happened in the field of consumer based litigation. The consumer complaints in India is on the high rise and we are consumer court lawyers in chandigarh. This is on account of two reasons:

  1. The Consumer Protection Act enables a consumer to represent himself or through any representative not necessarily a lawyer and the petition could be presented in a simple fashion that is stripped of all legalese.
  2. It involves no payment of court fee and the law itself assures that adjudication to be complete within three months. The experience however speaks that it takes slightly longer time. But the consumer litigation in a large way has sensitized people to have their grievances addressed through a meaningful process that serves their interest best. From a status when a person could do no more than complain and leave it there, now it is possible not just to complain but to secure legal redresses which is quick and less expensive.

Supreme laws has a team of experts who are trained in consumer dispute genre of litigation which will operate at three tiers: district forums, state commissions and the national commission. Any number of individuals, companies, institutions and organizations in all areas of consumer laws who have suffered in the hands of fraudulent, abusive and predatory practice have taken a sigh of relief with the services of our consumer protection lawyers.

The consumer disputes have a large volume of cases on  medical malpractice, non settlement of claims by the insurance companies and any deficiency of service in banking sector. Purely commercial interest cannot be serviced through consumer dispute resolution forums and litigation is normally driven through individual or group of consumer with same kind of interest. The large companies which take up tenable defense will secure intelligent assistance to identify that the consumer is not the particular type of individual which the Act contemplates and to exclude the jurisdiction in situations where the complainant is seeking to espouse a commercial interest. The defenses on behalf of the corporate sector under the consumer protection act are tricky & technical and it is essential that the lawyers understand the nuances of what a consumer dispute is and what is not. Here Supreme Laws consumer court lawyers in Chandigarh has an edge over any other legal firm that can prosecute and defend the action of consumer claims.

Our team can help you in:

  • Breach of contract
  • Products liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Unfair trade practices matters
  • Warranty matters
  • Products or services which are faulty, or unreliable

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