Accident and Personal Injury

India records perhaps the highest incident of accidents on roads and you need the experienced personal injury lawyer India. There are other types of accidents as well involving railways, airlines and work related injuries in factories. The predominant type of accidents which require professional help is motor accident claims. Each one of the categories of accidents require adjudication in different tribunals or courts. They require different expertise. But the fundamental issue involved in all types of accidents is the proof of want of care by any of the transporters to a person using a road or travelling in any of the modes of transport which has involved in an accident situation.

Not every case would require a full fledged contest in court & the best bargain could be obtained by actively negotiating for maximum compensation for bills, loss of income existing as well as future, harassment, pain and suffering before the authorities constituted under the various enactments.

In almost all the regimes of compensation, the liability is strict in Indian law & the most important element of professional assistance will be required only in identifying the important elements that may go to assess the compensation which is appropriate and just.  The quantum of compensation is invariably dependent on a measure on what the person would have contributed if he/she would have been alive in case of fatal accidents. And in cases of personal injuries the compensation would be what deprivation has resulted to the individual and how the laws could be compensated in terms of money.

We have team of insurance lawyers in Chandigarh who can help gather all relevant documents that would be necessary for lodging claims before the appropriate tribunals and coordinate with insurance companies to ensure that the amounts which are determined and paid to the legal heirs or the representatives of deceased victim or in case of personal injuries to the victim herself / himself.

The quickness of securing the compensation is the key and there, we may claim ourselves to be the best in the field. Our accident claim lawyers in Chandigarh have experience with all types of injury and accident cases.

Supreme Laws can get you compensation in the following areas:

  • Aviation Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Construction & Work Accidents
  • Fire Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Train & Truck Accidents
  • Loss or Damages to Goods in Transit

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