Due Diligence

In a plain language due diligence report in India refers  to a level of care, judgement, cautiousness , and activity that a person would reasonably be expected to do under particular circumstances. The foundation stone for any successful deal outcome is having the knowledge of the target business, whether you are buying, selling or investing.

It contemplates a primary research in to areas that will immediately affect the rights and obligations of parties to a banker who is interested in lending money on security of property or a buyer who wants to purchase a property unencumbered from any obligations or a company that takes an important decision of merger or getting into any forms of settlement or arrangement. It would become most crucial that the documents and transactions of the person with whom the banker or the seller or the company as the case maybe would be interested in dealing.

The search would require examination of revenue records, understanding revenue entries, formal understanding of accounting procedures, personal inspection of the sites or properties and drawing up a report that is professional in character. Before purchasing any kind of property or investing money it is highly recommended to search for a property due diligence firm in India. The sourcing of technical personnel such as engineers, chartered accountants and architects would also be done by our due diligence team so that the customer gets the best result of a diligent search.

Supreme Laws conduct due diligence in various areas:

  • Credits
  • IPR
  • Mergers & acquisation
  • Property & lands
  • Title deeds & records

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