Project Finance

It is a technical exercise that pumps financial energies to business. With synergy of efforts from banking institutions and other non-banking financial institutions, it shall be possible to make a free flow of capital from institutions which are prepared to lend to industries which require finance. Our project finance consultants in Chandigarh will help the clients in, preparation of documents, securing appropriate sponsorships for funding of project and helping the preparation of viability of projects could all be considered as a bundle of activities for helping parties secure the finance.

The services would include several ancillary subjects like preparation of documents and agreements, creation of debt instruments, manner of recoveries dispute resolution procedures in the event of any default by any one party, etc. Industrial refinance, nurturing sick companies, taking over and restructuring unviable projects to profit making institutions require sound business sense wedded to knowledge of accounting procedures and laws. Supreme Laws have not merely lawyers but chartered accountants and engineers in their team to render appropriate assistance in this niche area.

Supreme laws comprises of project finance consultants in India and our contacts spread across the nation. Our team has completed various projects successfully with their extensive experience. Not only do we provide legal counsel, we provide you the best business and strategic advice, evaluate  threats of competition fake and real, raise the funds, negotiate and document the full range of projects and financing agreements which suits our clients’ specific needs.

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