Power and Energy

Power and energy are not any longer the exclusive privilege of supply from government or its controlled Boards or Corporations. Private players have large role to play and licensees who have obtained the right of installations also have bigger role to perform. It may not at all times be big power houses who are operating within a geographical area but they may require a lot of local support for making installations, for purchase of material and for obtaining licenses.

The key to successful generation of power would be to make appropriate documents for finalising the contracts between big time powerhouses and small time operators and supreme laws will provide the necessary unction for smooth functioning in power and energy laws in India.

Supreme Laws is the power and energy law firm and have considerable experience in electricity, power, and renewables and our work in this sector forms an integral part of our infrastructure, energy and natural resources practice. Our power and energy lawyers have a thorough understanding of the power industry and have given consultations on various power projects and regulations.

For us it does not matter how intricate or challenging the matter is, clients resort to Supreme Laws for our inclusive power industry knowledge, a proven track record of experience and a wide range of power-related legal services.

Actions of nuisance and damage to private property due to overhead wires are wholly a misunderstood branch of law. Stating objectives at the property time, preparing viable alternate routes for laying wires, making claims for compensation before executive magistrates, etc require enormous understanding of law and procedures, which we are skilled to do on behalf of clients.

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