Pharma and Healthcare

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act is an important enactment that identifies various drugs that would require to be licensed for manufacture and storage. NDPS act is a piece of legislation that is very important for licensing of narcotic substances and contain stringent provisions of punishments for persons who possess or consume narcotic substances otherwise for therapeutic purposes. There are legislation which provide strict provisions for false claims of magic remedies in their drugs. The pharma industry propels itself on ideas of invention and obtaining licenses for manufacture. It is very closely linked to understanding of patent laws and enforceable remedies through courts and other agencies.

Health care in India is an important activity which the state employs and has involved private initiatives in a very big way. The private hospitals providing health care is a big time business and sometimes also a charitable activity. The insurance sector plays a vital role and ensuring there is a proper coverage for health related risks.

Understanding the whole gamut of laws that concerns pharma laws and medical care laws requires a firm grasp of various legislation which Supreme Laws is happily endowed with by its abundant exposure to its field, being particularly well versed in banking, insurance and patent law exposures. Our clients include healthcare product providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals,  medical suppliers etc.

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