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To search for the best service matter lawyers in Chandigarh is a hectic work as, labour laws are undergoing serious changes in recent past with a different governing dispensation. An investor wants his labour to behave. A person that puts his capital expects the maximum production through employment of human resources. As far as the workforce is concerned they deserve the recognition of the value of services and appropriate wages paid to them. The litigations in this area are through a process of compulsory conciliation and if it fails  them through reference and adjudication before the labour courts. The decisions of labour courts are final but subject only to intervention from high court if orders are erroneous. Intervention by high courts are by & large a matter of course and the litigations cannot take place for long number of years if the business must thrive.

Like the labour laws, another area of dispute between employer & employee relates to government sector. The stand off between the government  or its functionary and government servants are brought before Administrative Tribunals or by writ in High Courts. A person may have been denied his/her promotion; he/she who may have been wrongfully terminated from service; may not been paid his/her terminal benefits. The grievances are manifold. Even the employee of a Central or State Corporation or Board will have his grievances ventilated in this service law genre.

Whatever be the forum of litigation, the importance lies in understanding the nuance of modern labour jurisprudence and the service laws. While labour laws have come to recognise compensation as best alternative in all types of situations for termination of services, the service laws does not at all times result in determining monetary compensation. Securing right of a continuance in employment or making appropriate interventions for promotion or drawing of scales of pay are technical matters which would require understanding of the local laws and several government orders & notification which will be seldom accessible for lay public. It shall handover be available only in the hands of labour lawyers in Chandigarh and we have them in adequate numbers to take care in this area of practice.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • Labour & industrial laws
  • Employment and connected agreements
  • Health and safety legislation
  • Trade union issues
  • Employee disputes
  • Employment and workplace laws
  • Workman compensation
  • Occupational health & safety
  • Domestic inquiry
  • Employment agreement
  • Wrongful termination and discharge
  • Workplace rights and disputes
  • Pension litigation
  • Workplace injury
  • Strikes and lockouts
  • Complaints and redressals for sexual harassment in work places
  • Employers and employees laws
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