In the modern commercial space Intellectual Property in India and the rights following under the same obtain immense relevance. The work starts with patenting a product if it is a matter related to an inventive manufacture or it could promote the cause of protection of trademarks. The work would involve with following all the procedures necessary from preparation of a statement for registering a patent and presenting it before a patent office. Punjab & Haryana does not have a patent office but Delhi has an office before which any registration of patent is possible. Trademark registration obtains at various places in the respective states and it requires a technical expertise in preparation of necessary documentations and filing the same.

Without reference to coordinating with offices for securing either patent registration or trade mark registration. Common law remedies for protection of patent or trademark are still available only through court actions. The actions would require preparation of pleadings for injunction for protection of IP rights or written statements by way of defence, if a case is instituted for violation of trademark or breach of patent. Being the best IPR law firm in Chandigarh we have the best IPR lawyers in Chandigarh on our panel who understands nuances of intellectual property law and provide world class services.

Even apart from trademark & patent, copy rights protection is an important legal activity and here, any product of original work by a person even without registration has an inherent copyrights attached the originator of the work copyright. The enforcement of copyright obtains in the same manner as a complaint of a breach of trademark or patent. Supreme Laws is the IPR law firm in Chandigarh which has a intellectual property team which will be able to take the best efforts to secure the appropriate redressals in the event of any violation by resort to court processes.

Our IPR team provides services in the following areas:

  • Trademark search
  • Copyright registration
  • Patent
  • IP litigation
  • Drafting, filing and registration
  • IP agreements
  • Infringement and passing off
  • Data protection

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