SC directed states to upload FIRs within 24 hours

In a landmark verdict the Supreme Court directed all  the states and UT’s to upload the FIRs on the internet (official website of police) within 24 hours of registration with certain exceptions mentioned in its latest judgment which was filed by the Young Bar Association of India.

Giving a pending due to the accused persons in the FIR who would actually start preparing for the case even before the FIR would reach the court by pleading/fighting for having an access to the contents of the FIR.

This judgment will have far reaching effects on the functioning of the police force, which rarely use to supply the copy of the judgment even to the accused. For this sole reason many times the people were forced to approach the constitutional courts even for the minor issue like obtaining the copy of the FIR from police.

Yogesh Goel, Advocate the criminal lawyer of Punjab & Haryana High Court said that this judgment would certainly revolutionise the criminal justice system and will prove to be a positive step towards decreasing the litigation and making the law more citizen friendly.

Though the FIR is the public document but to get the copy of the FIR from the police is the difficult task. Many times it has been seen that police exploit the person who wants the copy of the FIR which leads to corruption, said by Saurav Goyal, Advocate criminal lawyer in Chandigarh He also said that every accused has the right to get the copy of the FIR without delay so that he can take legal help.

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