PIL for separate bench of Supreme Court dismissed

Supreme Court while hearing the public interest litigation dismissed the contention of the petitioner and denied that it will not issue any direction for the formation of the separate bench of Supreme Court anywhere else in the country.

For the petitioners Shri M.N. Krishnamani, Senior Advocate appeared, Chief Justice of India H.L. Dattu said that “ there is already a precedent wherein we have said that one cannot seek a mandamus for the establishment of the bench of the Supreme Court.

Senior Advocate submitted that if the formation of the separate bench is not possible then the supreme court shall set up a virtual courtroom in chennai and explore the possibility of utilizing devices like tablets, iPad’s etc, so that lawyers can present their cases. While dismissing the petition, the Chief Justice of India said that “we certainly appreciate your progressive thinking, but not now”

In March this year a private bill was introduced by Mr. Vivek Gupta of Trimool Congress Party in the Rajya Sabha demanding separate bench of Supreme Court at Calcutta.
Parallel demands with respect to separate benches for the High Court’s have already been made. recently the Acting Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana high court has constituted the committee for the establishment of the separate High Court bench for southern-western Haryana. For many years the campaign for a separate bench of Kerala High Court in the capital is going on.

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