CJI Vs. Finance Minister (Judiciary Vs. Executive)

In one of the major statement made by the Chief Justice of India Mr. T.S. Thakur on Monday at Srinagar said that when executive fails in its duty then only Judiciary interferes. The need for the judiciary to intervene arises only when the government does not work properly or people lose their faith in them.

The statement by the Chief Justice of India is considered to be the reply to the Finance Minister’s statement of last week in Rajya Sabha wherein the minister said that judiciary is encroaching on legislative and executive domain, brick by brick and step by step, thereby means the edifice of Indian legislature is being destroyed.

The CJI said why the need of the intervention is required, which court would ever like to intervene if the government performs its duty sincerely and efficiently. The question of intervention by the judiciary would not arise at all if the governments do their job.

The ETV network in its release said that CJI also quoted that court is merely performing its constitutional duty if people rights are not being protected the courts are bound to intervene. When the citizens are let down by the executive then only people turns to courts, the governments should do their job instead of hurl accusations.

The Union Minister Nitin Gadkari who was commenting on the statement made by the Chief Justice of India that judiciary intervenes only when executive fails, said that the CJI shall hold the meeting with everyone and discuss the same as he respects him.

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